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Keep your business connected by using the most dynamic Emergency Notification System on the market.

Instantly send and receive crucial information on any device to inform and protect your people.

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Mass Notification System for Non-Emergency Situations

Take advantage of the Broadcast Center feature to send non-emergency communication to individuals in your database; such as weather closings, or important announcements. 


When was the last time you assessed your Lockdown Procedures, Drills & Physical Security?

Our partner Secure Tactical offers organizations comprehensive Active Shooter and Security Assessments. All aspects of your security protocol and program will be examined.


This thorough inspection of your facilities, buildings and access controls will:

  • Identify any vulnerabilities & make recommendations

  • Provide custom training designed for your organization to staff and management

  • Initiate and critique drills to better prepare you incase of a lockdown situation

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How Effective are your Emergency Drills & Procedures?

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