Our software makes it simple for organizations to account for their people in real-time, and lets those individuals communicate crucial and secure information with administration and law enforcement during a lockdown or drill situation using their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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How it Works During an Emergency Situation

Text messages and emails go out to all individuals in your database.

These individuals indicate if they are safe, need assistance, or if they are not in the area. They also have the capability to broadcast a message to administrators. 

They then report their location and the individuals that are with them. 


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Assured Accountability for Administration

This results are displayed in a dashboard that allows administrators to see who is where and their safety status.

Administrators also have the capability to broadcast messages to specific groups of people, or to the entire organization's population. 

Prior to Pinpoint, you assumed the location of individuals during an emergency drill or situation. Now, you will know where individuals are, and be able to confidently share this information with authorities with a read-only version of the dashboard. 


During a Non-Emergency Situation

Take advantage of the Broadcast Center feature to send non-emergency communication to individuals in your database; such as weather closings, or important announcements.  

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